DELFAST - TOP 3.0i Electric Bike

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Meet Hyper-Intelligence

With unrivaled power and record-breaking range, the NEW 2022 all-terrain Top 3.0i eBike provides on-demand analytics and crossover mobility to empower movement in urban settings and on rocky trails. The new functionality of the onboard computer and Android app unite to deliver a hyper intelligent, go-anywhere riding experience.

  • Onboard Computer for on-demand analytics
  • Fully remote accessible eBike (no key required)
  • Bluetooth connection and systems integration
  • Passcode unlock
  • Immobilizer theft protection
  • Gates Carbon Drive™ carbon-reinforced belt prevents rust
  • Regenerative hydraulic disc brakes extend your range
  • GSM 4G Connection and GPS
  • Unlock bike with app or manually with personalized passcode
  • High and low beam LED headlights
  • Front and rear LED turn signals and brake lights
  • Quick start ON/OFF button
  • High performance 2.75-19 motorcycle tires confidently traverse over any terrain
  • Wi-Fi enabled backup controls computer when off-grid


app-newTrack mileage, odometer and speedometer metrics
app-newMonitor bike power
app-newLock/unlock bike and arm/disable alarm
app-newGSM 4G Connection and GPS
app-newLocate bike using

“Find My Bike” function
app-newDisable Class 2 to unleash max speed and power
app-newReceive push notifications if bike is moved
app-newView speed and energy use

Elevate Your Riding Experience
Elevated Engineering & Intel

The new Top 3.0i eBike comes equipped with a computer that operates the onboard electrical equipment, makes energy usage more efficient, and enables the bike’s data to be collected and analyzed from different devices. Integration of the new Delfast ‘My eBike Ride’ app delivers all of this intelligence to your hand-held device.

Speed Modes

Speed Mode 1
Class 2 - 750W, 20 mph max
Speed Mode 2
Unlimited - up to 5000 W, up to 50 mph

The Top 3.0 ebike will be shipped to you in street legal mode “Speed Mode 1”, which is a Class 2 eBike - powering up to 750W and traveling up to 20 mph. Class 2 will keep your speed limit contained to 20 mph in order to follow the road rules of the USA. If you want to take it off road and off paved, city streets, you can unleash its full power in Unlimited Mode, which goes up to 50 mph. No license plate or special license needed.

Top 3.0i Now Available in the USA

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