Surestance Pint - Premium Footpads

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Surestance Pint - Premium Footpads

Harkening back to its boardsport roots, Pint Surestance Footpads bring a premium wood grain footpad to Pint. A crispy new set of Pint Surestance Footpads will keep your Pint looking and riding it’s best.

What can we say, wood grain gets us fired up…

Note: One Pint Surestance Footpad order includes both the front and back Footpad.


Product Information


1x set of Pint Surestance Footpads (2pcs.), Installation tool and screws



Questions and Answers

  • Q: Do the Pint Surestance Footpads have the same profile as the standard Pint Footpads?
  • A: Yes, the big difference is in the premium wood construction that can absorb vibration to give your ride a little more zen.

  • Q: Can I order a single front or back Pint Surestance Footpad?
  • A: No. Pint Surestance Footpads are not sold separately

  • Q: Do the Footpads come with all the tools necessary to install?
  • A: Yes! The Pint Surestance Footpads will come with all the screws you need and an allen wrench for installation.

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