Surestance XR - Premium Footpads

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Surestance XR - Premium Footpads

A crispy new set of footpads will keep your Onewheel looking and riding its best! Surestance Footpads include modest kicktail.


One Surestance Footpad order includes both front and back footpads.


Product Information


1x set of Onewheel Surestance Footpads (2 pcs.), Installation tool and screws



Questions and Answers

  • Q: Does my Onewheel+ XR come with Surestance Footpads?
  • A: Yes. Each Onewheel+ XR comes with front and back Surestance Footpads. That said, you may want to look into the other premium footpads we have available in the Surestrance Pro Footpad line. You may find some extra kick or concavity really helps your level of comfortability and board feel.

  • Q: Can I order a single front or back Onewheel Surestance Footpad?
  • A: No. Onewheel Suretance Footpads are not sold separately.

  • Q: Do the Footpads come with all the tools necessary to install?
  • A: Yes! The Footpads will come with all the screws you need and an allen wrench for installation.
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