A Summer in Review - 2023

A Summer in Review

The 2023 San Diego summer was an interesting one. Inclement weather impeded on our temperate weather's claim. Storm clouds were a bit more common than usual, an unfortunate side-effect of an El Niño predicted to
be significantly stronger than usual.

The good news is the shop stayed strong. We were able to rally and knock our rental and sales quotas out of the park!

Heck yeah.

Speaking as the Rental Manager, I saw a lot of smiling faces riding our rentals. It brought a simple pleasure to me. We had our fair share
of disgruntled customers but we will always at least try to do right by them. Even if it means rescuing them from the side of Pacific Highway.

-We smashed our own expectations for rentals, coming close to doubling our goal in July. Next July we'll just have to double it.
-The Coastal Cruiser brand (our in-house E-Beach Cruiser) proved its worth in the field. Proving to be far and away the most durable and reliable bike in our fleet.
-Our customers continue to prove time and time again why they're the best as well and we'll be spending our off-season brain-storming promotions for you guys.

-We continue to be the most experimental shop in San Diego, essentially trying every brand we get our hands on.
-We've started carrying brands we're really excited about and stand by with our heart and soul. (Tune in the coming weeks to read about them)
-The industry continues to grow at a naseuting pace, a dizzying one to break into for us. We're up to the task no doubt about it.


-Service is our backbone and continues to be so. We've continually upped our quality month on month for 12 months now.
-We are now the premier shop in Point Loma (for E-Bike repairs), we've sped up our turn arounds, opened up more space, become more responsive, etc.
-Service does and will continue to keep our lights on. Drop by the shop to ask about brake upgrades.

-Only one obstacle - Space - We continue to become more skilled but we are now wall to wall bikes. Unfortunately our mechanics do need floor space to walk.
Up Next:

-A Day With the ONYX RCR - an electric Cafe Racer

Thanks for reading! We're trying something new with our blogs so please excuse the improvisational tone of this first issue.


P.S. - A very special thank you to the Point Loma Summer Concert Series! What a fun community event.