Electric Bike Repair & Service

Basic Information

Thank you for choosing EZE Ryders for your electric bike repair and service!

Due to capacity all bike/e-bike services need an online booking to be worked on.
Our service team is available 6 days a week to make sure your bike is in great shape. While we specialize in maintaining, servicing, and repairing electric bicycles – we also work on non-electric bikes.
Small services generally are completed within 2 days. Electronics repairs and diagnostics, tune-ups, and warranty work can take up to one week to complete.
We make every effort to support most e-bikes and brands. But, please note that WE MAY NOT have parts on-hand for brands we do not carry in our store and MAY NOT be able to repair your bike. 
We do our best to be clear, up-front and fair on our service prices and will make our best efforts to provide top notch service. We will provide a price quote for all additional parts needed for your online approval before we start working on your bike.

 Want to learn more about E-Bikes? Check out this excellent article by Michael Van Gurpen with Bicyclereviewguru.com!


Regular Maintenance is Important

EZE Ryders is here to support your bike. We encourage all riders to inspect their bikes before heading out to ensure everything is in working order. A few quick checks will help make sure you're getting the best, safest ride possible.

Mechanical and electrical inspections generally are very quick and easy but important. Proper tire pressure, functional brakes and a clean chain are key elements of the bike that need to be in working order before setting off for a longer ride. By taking a quick ride and looking and listening to any sounds the bike is making you can make sure that everything is operating mechanically as it should.

On the electrical side, making sure that all connections are tight and that there is no excess build up of dirt and grime around connections will ensure proper connection and function.

We recommend that you set up a regular maintenance schedule and refer to your owner’s manual for suggested service levels. Some e-bikes have recommended maintenance cycles programmed into the bike’s computer. Even if you do most of the service yourself, a good rule of thumb is to have a yearly check and tune-up.

At Eze Ryders we do our best to ensure that our customers have a great experience - and a big part of this extends beyond the initial bike purchase. We all know that stuff can happen as miles are added to your bike. Some customers report putting thousands of miles on their bikes and we have a trained team in place to help fix anything that may come up along the way.

We do our best to be clear, up-front and fair on our service prices and go above and beyond.

For more warranty information, please check our warranty page HERE.

We Make Best Efforts To Repair Electric Bikes Of ALL Brands Including...

  • Rad Power Bikes Repair And Service (Rad Runner, Rad Rover, Rad City, Rad Mini)
  • Juiced Bikes Repair And Service
  • Aventon Bikes Repair And Service 
  • Magnum Bikes Repair And Service
  • Himiway Bikes Repair And Service
  • Sondors Bikes Repair And Service
  • Ecotric Bikes Repair And Service
  • Biktrix Bikes Repair And Service
  • Electra Bikes Repair And Servce
  • Lectra Bikes Repair And Service
  • iZip Bikes Repair And Service
  • SMLRO Bikes Repair And Service 
  • QuietKat Bikes Repair And Service