Electric Beach Cruisers

Our exclusive brand of Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes, "Coastal Cruisers" offer a fun comfortable ride.

We've designed and specced these bikes in-house for maximum comfort and fun! We also carry a full line of compatible accessories to take your ride to the next level. 

Kick back and enjoy the wide bars, big saddle, and comfortable upright seating position – and a boost of power when you need it!

Choose between step-over and step-thru options and 500 or 750 watts of power - and a variety of colors. 

We have the right bike to fit your ride and style! 


FLX Stepthrough 2.0 - Mid Drive Comfort Cruiser

STEP THROUGH 2.0™ CRUISE IN COMFORT Our Step Through 2.0 is designed for cruising in comfort. For an ergonomic relaxing ride with power just when you need it - this...
$2,699.00 $1,999.00
Cheetah - 750w Café RacerCheetah - 750w Café Racer


Cheetah - 750w Café Racer

REVI BIKE CHEETAH CAFE RACER 26 INCH FAT TIRE EBIKE 48V 750W ELECTRIC BIKE The CHEETAH Cafe Racer Fat Tire Electric Bike by Revi BIKES is a Very Sleek, Very BADA$$, Full-Size...
$2,899.00 $2,749.00


REVI Oasis - Step-Thru

The Oasis 500W ebike from Revi was designed to take your daily commute to the next level. It is equipped with an adjustable stem so every rider can find that...
750w Folding Step Thru 20x3 Electric Bike750w Folding Step Thru 20x3 Electric Bike

Folding Bike

750w Folding Step Thru 20x3 Electric Bike

The Coastal Cruiser 750w Step Thru folder is one of our most popular models of 2023! Improving upon its greatness was hard, but we reduced the tire size from 20x4...
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