Cruiser Crüe Referral Program

As part of our mission to be the coolest electric movement shop on the planet, EZE Ryders is offering a unique GIVE $50 GET $50 customer loyalty program for our Coastal Cruiser brand of electric bikes.

Join the Cruiser Crüe to get your personal discount code to give to your friends and family.

When they use the code upon checkout they get a $50 discount off the purchase of a Coastal Cruiser bike. Even better, when a qualifying purchase is made we will give YOU $50 for the referral.

Its a win-win!

Fill out the form below to get your unique referral code today!

This program is valid for owners of new Coastal Cruiser bikes purchased through EZE Ryders locations only. Not valid for owners of used bikes or bikes purchased through other shops. This program is subject to termination at any time, without notice at the discretion of EZE Ryders. This program is valid for personal referrals only, not to be used or shared as an online coupon. Use of this code outside of the terms of the program as determined by EZE Ryders may result in termination of your personal code.