OneWheel Shipping - GT, XR, Pint X or Pint - Flat Rate One Way - 35 LBS MAX WEIGHT - 31 x 13 x 11 MAX BOX SIZE

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EZE Ryders provides discounted OneWheel shipping through our partnership with FedEx and UPS.

Purchase this product and we will send you a shipping label to the destination you ship to.

This label is good for 35 LBS Maximum Weight @ 31 x 13 x 11 in box size. Anything over this will receive an additional surcharge and will void the insurance. 

This includes $1000 of insurance for each label. 

We will email you the discounted label and you can drop it at any FedEx or UPS location.

Cost is for a flat rate, one way shipping label.

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Fedex & UPS Shipping
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