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Motor & Controller

KO Moto Nano Controller

NOTE: No import fees or shipping fee's for USA customers. Ordering from the manufacturer will result in the same price after shipping and import fees. The Nano Controller is the best...
$699.89 $499.89

Drivetrain & Brakes

KO Moto 500 Amp Connector

Introducing the KO Moto Plug - The Ultimate Powerhouse Connector for Motorcycle Enthusiasts! This 500 Amp Battery to Controller discharge power wire kit comes with a battery plug, and controller...
$69.89 $54.89


Heavy Hitter Titanium Triangle Upgrade

When it comes to enduring the immense pressure of jumps and off-road adventures, suspension triangles play a pivotal role. Unfortunately, the factory triangles, composed of relatively inexpensive aluminum material, are...

Heavy Hitter Titanium Suspension Hardware

NOTE: Our bolt kit works with Prickly LinkageIntroducing the Heavy Hitter Titanium Suspension Hardware, the ultimate solution for upgrading from those frustrating low-quality stock bolts that bend or strip upon removal. This...
$129.89 $99.89

Foot & Hand Controls

Heavy Hitter Titanium Direct Mount Riser

Introducing the revolutionary Heavy Hitter Titanium Parts. Prepare to elevate your gear and unleash unparalleled performance.  Crafted from Titanium Ti-6Al-4V, this direct mount riser is the ultimate choice for avid...

Frame & Swingarm

Heavy Hitter Skid Plate

NOTE: Sur Ron Skid Plate will not fit the EBMX Motor! We are working on a revised design to allow EBMX motors to work with our skidplate.Life Time Warranty: "Side Rails...


Heavy Hitter Titanium 1.5" Linkage Upgrade

Heavy Hitter proudly presents the most robust and lightweight linkages on the market. WHY? you might ask. Well that's because we at GritShift have broken just about every linkage on the market....
Heavy Hitter T-Shirt BlackHeavy Hitter T-Shirt Black

Heavy Hitter T-Shirt Black

Alongside the launch of our new Heavy Hitter product line, we’ve created a shirt with the ultimate blend of comfort and toughness for riders who aren't afraid to push their...


Heavy Hitter Reinforced Suspension Triangle for Talaria Sting

Ever feel like your Sting’s rear suspension just isn’t up to the task? Get ahead of potential failure by upgrading your Sting’s suspension triangle to this robust unit from Heavy...

Foot & Hand Controls

Heavy Hitter MX Direct Mount Riser Fat Bar 1 1/8" Clamp

NOTE: You will need to trim your steering tube to the correct length to use this stem! This is ideal for most applications but required for this stem. This Stem is...

Foot & Hand Controls

Heavy Hitter Billet Footpeg Support Brace With O-Rings

Don't let your footpeg bracket break! Redesigned for an improved sleek look and added strength. Support it with a GritShift aluminum footpeg support brace. Riding while standing on the Sur-Ron...


Heavy Hitter Billet Reinforced Suspension Linkage

Heavy Hitter has produced an amazing upgrade for your favorite e-bike. The rear suspension linkage is a known weak point in the stock suspension setup. Many riders have complained about...

Foot & Hand Controls

Heavy Hitter Billet CRF450 V2 Footpeg Brackets

Let's face the facts; there are so many amazing foot peg options for the main branded motocross bikes, and the price ranges from 20 bucks on amazon to hundreds of...


Heavy Hitter 85 MX Fork Conversion Kit

If you're one of the few riders that wants to push your Sur Ron or Talaria to the absolute limit – far beyond what the stock mountain bike-derived front end...

Frame & Swingarm

GritShift Talaria Sting Footpeg Support Brace (V2 Frame)

Your Talaria Sting is about to be in better shape than ever. We’ve produced the GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace V2 With O-Rings & Threaded Ends to reinforce your Talaria’s...

Drivetrain & Brakes

GritShift Sur Ron To Talaria Billet Wheel Conversion Kit

One of the weakest components on a stock Talaria Sting is its wheelset. Those OEM wheels just aren't up to the task of heavy stunting or hard off-road riding. Even...
$89.89 $59.89
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