Winter is Here - What That Means for Your Batteries

In San Diego, we are among the privileged few when it comes to Winter weather. Even though we don’t see snow, heavy rain, or temperatures that rival our neighbors to the North and to the East, that doesn’t mean that we get to be entirely slack when it comes to caring for our E-bike or Onewheel batteries.

Shorter days and colder weather may discourage us from riding as much as we did in the warmer months, or we may bundle up, shrug it off, and soldier on. No matter which type of winter rider you are, one thing is certain and important – proper battery care.  

Cold weather will decrease the lifespan of your battery because it will require charging more often. Lithium-ion batteries have a certain number of charging cycles before they are no longer usable. Thus, how you store your batteries when you aren’t using them is important.


For Your E-Bike 

To preserve the life of your battery, you don’t want it to get too hot or too cold. The ideal temperature for a lithium ion battery is between 42°-69°F (5°C-20°C). Thankfully most bikes – like our Coastal Cruisers—are designed with an easily removable battery, meaning you can easily bring your battery out of the cold, and don’t have to keep it with the bike!

Planning on storing your battery for an extended period of time? Lithium ion batteries self-discharge, so make sure you are storing the battery at 40-50%. Over discharging the battery during storage causes an irreversible capacity loss.

And if you thought storing your battery fully charged was the best option – think again! Overcharging your battery is stressful on lithium ion batteries and can cause cathodes to decompose over time, meaning your battery may not be the same when you end your e-bike’s hibernation.

Over a long storage, check in on your battery! Slide the battery back into your bike to check that it still powers on and the charge is still at 40-50% - If you notice the battery decreasing, you can always top off the charge, and if there’s a problem, it’s best to catch it early.


 For Your Onewheel


Bring it inside after you ride!

Do not leave your Onewheel outside or in the trunk of your car, as long exposure to cold temperatures is not healthy for your board. If it does happen, you may have to bring your board inside and warm it up to 60°F (15°C) before riding.

If you have to shelve your board for a few months, make sure to keep the charge between 40-50%, and store it in a dry place between 50-60°F (10-15°C). Check your board monthly to ensure your battery is still between 40-50%.




 Temperatures outside of the ideal range of ~42°F~69°F (5°C-20°C) will reduce the battery storage life as the battery self-discharges. This means you will get less miles per ride out of your bike or Onewheel per charge. Proper battery care is essential to protecting your investment and maximizing enjoyment from your bike or board!


Follow these tips, and your batteries will survive the winter and into warmer days!