GritShift Horn Cover/Delete Plate (Sur Ron & Segway)

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When you’re out on an unpaved road or dirt track, you might be surprised how quickly dirt, water, rocks, mud, and more can start to infiltrate your frame and electrical system. Even on concrete or asphalt, dirt and debris build up over time and cause serious damage – and the large hole behind the horn on your Sur Ron or Segway e-bike is pointed right at your tire.

You can see how that’s a recipe for disaster. Not only can water and dirt damage your electric system, but it could also cause corrosion within your frame. This type of damage doesn’t look good, and it’s also not safe.

The GritShift Horn Cover/Delete Plate prevents debris from getting through the hole behind your horn by blocking it entirely. It also allows you to delete your horn entirely if that’s what you’re into.

Not sure what your e-bike will look like without a cover in place? Check out the on-bike photos above to see what just one day at an MX track without a blocking plate can do to your equipment. If your bike can accumulate this much dirt, dust, mud, and grime after a single day, imagine what can build up over the course of an entire year. 

Even if you wash your bike often, riding without a cover/delete plate makes it harder to get things clean again. You might even end up spraying pressurized water into your electrical system in an effort to clean off accumulated gunk.

Instead of all that nonsense, grab a GritShift Horn Cover/Delete Plate and protect your bike for years to come.

Note: If you want to keep your horn, be sure to use a thick washer or spacer from the hardware store to keep the horn body from mounting directly against the block-off plate.


  • Blocks a crucial point of entry for dirt, dust, and water on Sur Ron and Segway e-bikes
  • Lets you thoroughly clean your bike without shooting water straight into the electrical system
  • Helps prevent future electrical system failures and frame corrosion
  • Keeps your bike frame and electrical system cleaner and safer
  • Can be installed on your bike in minutes
  • Add a thick washer (not included) to keep your horn 


Vehicle Fitment

  • Sur Ron LBX
  • Segway X160
  • Segway X260

The GritShift Horn Cover/Delete Plate is known and tested to be compatible with Sur-Ron and Segway e-bikes. Modifications could affect compatibility with your specific bike. Please verify compatibility before purchasing.

<h3>3D Print Files</h3>

Want to 3D print this yourself? Click here to download the CAD file: Sur Ron_Horn_Blanking_Plate_GritShift.stl

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