EXTEND Warranty Protection

EZE Ryders now gives customers the option to purchase extended warranty protection with Extend when purchasing an electric bike, Onewheel or other products and accessories. The Extend Protection Plan begins when the manufacturer’s warranty ends and protects against mechanical or electrical breakdown, including those experienced during normal wear and tear as well as those caused by a direct result of a power surge. All customers will see the Extend warranty choices during product selection on our website at ezeryders.com .

Just add a plan while shopping and we’ll email you your contract – no receipts or paperwork needed.

EXTEND warranty protection - image of ezeryders Onewheel XR product page

What is the process to file a claim under an Extend Protection Plan?

  • The customer provides a contract ID, email address, or another piece of identifying information to Extend
  • Extend entitles (validates) contract coverage by ensuring:
    • The plan is active
    • The date is between the Effective & Expiration Dates
  • The customer will then answer a few Adjudication questions
  • High-level troubleshooting steps are offered
  • Once the claim is approved, a shipping label is generated to ship back the broken product
  • Once the shipping label is scanned, we will work with the customer to replace the broken item
  • Extend will be in constant communication with the customer to ensure satisfactory service have been given

Over 95% of Extend claims are resolved in less than 90 seconds!