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Backfire Ranger X3 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Backfire Ranger X3 is the newest all-terrain electric skateboard by Backfire, built with two powerful, water & dust resistant 1500W hub motors; 518Wh 12s3p 21700 high efficient battery system.  Go...

Electric Skateboards

Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

The Ranger X2 deck is specially designed with a drop-down shape and super flexibility, which provides extra support for your control and brings unprecedented comfort to your riding. FRONT &...

Electric Skateboards

Backfire Zealot and Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS! ZEALOT S 50.4V HIGH EFFICIENCY 21700 BATTERY  The Structure of the Zealot S battery still uses 12S2P, the same as in the G3 and G3 Plus. This...

Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard

The Backfire G3 has a highly efficient and powerful battery with a larger capacity and longer range. Front and back Caliber II trucks make G3 an extraordinary carving experience with...

Electric Skateboards

Backfire Mini Electric Skateboard

Small size for big portability - the best choice for short distance city commutes!  Backfire Mini uses aerospace grade carbon fiber as the deck material to reduce the weight as...

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

SPECS Range: 11-12.5miles / 18-20km (80kg rider on E and S mode average 30km/h speed on flat road) Speed: 24mph / 38kph Battery: 18650 42V 180Wh Motors: 400W X2 Super High Power Hobbywing Motors Deck: Maple Wheels: 96mm...
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