All of the OneWheel XR Accessories


OneWheel XR Carbon Fiber Fender

Never settle. The Carbon Fiber XR Fender is the pinnacle of wheel covering technology. Built with layers of carbon fiber weave for unmatched strength and rubber gaskets for shock absorption,...


OneWheel XR Fender

The most popular Onewheel accessory in existence for good reason. The Onewheel Fender keeps dirt and debris from kicking up on your footpads, shoes and pants. A Fender allows you...


Surestance XR - Premium Footpads

Surestance XR - Premium Footpads A crispy new set of footpads will keep your Onewheel looking and riding its best! Surestance Footpads include modest kicktail.   One Surestance Footpad order...


XR Home Charger

XR Home Charger Getting low on juice? Charge your board up with the XR Home Charger! Keep life stress free with one at home and one in the office. Charge time:...


Car Charger Onewheel+ XR

Car Charger Onewheel+ XR Go places. Do things. Stay charged. The Onewheel+ XR Car Charger is a game changer for long adventures. Just plug it in to your car’s 10A...


XR Home Hypercharger

XR Home Hypercharger How do you get more ultimate than the Ultra Charger? Hyper Charge it of course... If you're serious about going places then you're going to need to...


Onewheel Backpack

This fully custom, lifesaver of a utility bag is not your average backpack. The Onewheel Backpack is form fitted for your Onewheel and made of coated tarp fabric making it...


Onewheel Car Holder - Pint & XR

Tired of it sounding like you have a body rolling around in your trunk? We were. That’s why we developed the Onewheel Car Holder. Brilliantly minimal, but an incredibly effective...



OneWheel Maghandle Description Quite simply the easiest way to carry your Onewheel. The Maghandle allows you to take your board with you on-the-go, carry it “briefcase-style” and disappears back into...
Maghandle ProMaghandle Pro


Maghandle Pro

OneWheel Maghandle Pro Description The Maghandle Pro elevates your Onewheel carrying experience with premium construction and materials. Built for comfort, the Maghandle Pro is made of rubberized aluminum for a...


Onewheel Tire Sealant

Made with a custom specialized formula, the all-new Onewheel Tire Sealant is that special sauce to keep you going when stuff hits the fan. Extra sticky, ooey bluey gooey, and can...
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