E-Moto Titanium Rotor Bolts by Warp 9

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- Premium Quality: The Burnt Blue Anodized Rotor Bolt Kit offers a high-quality solution for securing your rotors. Each bolt is meticulously crafted to meet strict standards, ensuring durability and reliability for long-lasting performance.

- Eye-Catching Design: The burnt blue anodized color of the bolts adds a stylish touch to your bike's aesthetics. It enhances the overall look of your rotors, making them stand out from the crowd.

- Rolled Threads for Strength: The bolt threads are rolled, not cut, to ensure proper torque specifications and a stronger bolt. This design feature increases the bolt's resistance to loosening, providing a secure and reliable connection for your rotors.

- Corrosion-Resistant: Unlike steel bolts, the Burnt Blue Anodized Rotor Bolt Kit does not rust or corrode over time. The anodized finish acts as a protective barrier, keeping the bolts looking great and performing at their best, even in challenging weather conditions.

- Torx Drive T25: The rotor bolts feature a Torx drive T25, which offers several advantages over traditional Allen heads. The Torx drive provides better torque transfer and grip, minimizing the risk of stripping or rounding the bolt heads during installation or removal.

- Includes Blue Thread Lock: To ensure maximum security, the kit includes blue thread lock. This thread lock helps prevent the bolts from loosening due to vibrations, ensuring a tight and reliable connection between the rotors and your bike's components.

Upgrade your rotor setup with the Burnt Blue Anodized Rotor Bolt Kit and enjoy a combination of style, strength, and convenience. These bolts are designed to withstand the demands of your rides while adding a touch of customization to your bike's appearance.



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