Front Wheel Boost Spacer by Warp 9

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Introducing our Front Wheel Boost Spacer, designed to provide a 5mm thickness increase for compatible forks such as Fox 40, EXT Ferro, and Manitou Dorado. This spacer allows you to achieve the desired wheel spacing and optimize your bike's performance. Here are the key features:

- Thickness: The boost spacer has a thickness of 5mm, providing the necessary spacing for your front wheel.
- Fork Compatibility: The spacer is compatible with forks such as Fox 40, EXT Ferro, and Manitou Dorado, ensuring a proper fit and functionality.
- High-Grade Steel Bolts: The kit includes 6 M5 x 16mm high-grade steel bolts. These bolts are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding and provide secure fastening.
- Blue Thread Lock: The bolts come with blue thread lock pre-applied, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the spacer and the fork.
- Button Head Torx 25: The bolts feature a button head design with Torx 25 drive, allowing for easy installation and removal with the appropriate tool.

Enhance your front wheel setup with our Front Wheel Boost Spacer, providing the necessary spacing and compatibility for forks such as Fox 40, EXT Ferro, and Manitou Dorado. The included high-grade steel bolts with blue thread lock ensure a secure connection and reliable performance on your rides.

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