Sur-Ron OEM Hall Sensor

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Sur-Ron OEM Motor Hall Sensor:

We are pleased to inform you that the Sur-Ron OEM Motor Hall Sensor is currently in stock in the USA. This genuine OEM sensor is designed specifically for Sur-Ron electric bikes, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance.

Key Features:

- Genuine OEM Product: The Sur-Ron OEM Motor Hall Sensor is an authentic replacement part, meeting the high-quality standards set by Sur-Ron.
- Designed for Sur-Ron Electric Bikes: This sensor is specifically engineered to fit Sur-Ron electric bike models, ensuring a proper fit and optimal functionality.
- Hall Sensor Functionality: The sensor is responsible for detecting the position of the motor's rotor, providing crucial information for precise control and efficient operation.
- In-Stock Availability: Our USA-based inventory ensures that the Sur-Ron OEM Motor Hall Sensor is readily available for immediate shipment.

Upgrade or replace the motor hall sensor in your Sur-Ron electric bike with this genuine OEM replacement part. Experience reliable performance and peace of mind knowing that you have a high-quality sensor specifically designed for your bike.

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