Surron Stock Rear Fender

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Replacement Stock Fender:

Upgrade your bike's fender with our replacement stock fender. This fender is designed to be a direct replacement for the original stock fender, offering a seamless fit and compatible functionality. Please note that the replacement fender does not include hardware, so you may need to reuse or purchase the necessary hardware separately.

Key Features:

- Direct Replacement: The replacement stock fender is specifically designed to match the dimensions and mounting points of the original fender, ensuring a straightforward installation process.
- Compatible Fit: This fender is engineered to fit your bike's frame perfectly, providing the same level of protection and aesthetics as the stock fender.
- Quality Construction: The replacement fender is crafted from durable materials to withstand various riding conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection.
- Hardware Not Included: Please be aware that the replacement stock fender does not come with hardware included. You may need to reuse the existing hardware from your original fender or acquire new hardware separately.

Upgrade your bike's fender with our replacement stock fender, offering a compatible fit and reliable protection. Ensure that you have the necessary hardware for installation, either by reusing existing hardware or obtaining new hardware as needed. Enjoy the enhanced functionality and aesthetics provided by the replacement stock fender.

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