We Repair a Wide Variety of Electric and Conventional Bikes, Including but not Limited to:

• Coastal Cruisers Bikes • Rad Power Bikes
• Juiced Bikes • Aventon Bikes
• Magnum Bikes • Himiway Bikes
• Sondors Bikes • Ecotric Bikes
• Biktrix Bikes • Electra Bikes
• Lectric Bikes • iZip Bikes
• SMLRO Bikes • QuietKat Bikes
• XERO2 Bikes • Talaria Bikes
• Mokwheel Bikes • Pedal Electric Bikes
• Sur-Ron Bikes • RAEV Bikes
• Urtopia Bikes • Eunorau Bikes
• Ride1Up Bikes • Murf Bikes
• Fiido Bikes • Rawrr Bikes
• Super73 Bikes • FLX/Super Human Bikes

Regular Maintenance is Important. We Got You Covered.

Thank you for choosing EZE Ryders for your electric bike repair and service!

We specialize in maintaining, servicing, and repairing electric bicycles – we also work on non-electric bikes including road bikes and mountain bikes.

Small services generally are completed within 2 days. Electronics repairs and diagnostics, tune-ups, and warranty work can take up to one week to complete.

We do our best to be clear, up-front, and fair on our service prices and will make our best efforts to provide top notch service. We will provide a price quote for all additional parts needed for your online approval before we start working on your bike.

We make every effort to support most e-bikes and brands. But, please note that we may not have parts on-hand for brands we do not carry in our store and may not be able to repair your bike immediately.

Feel free to give us a call at 619-786-7161 or bring the bike in any time we are open for a professional consultation with our service staff.