Cockpit Clean Up Kit

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Revitalize Your E-Bike's Aesthetics with the Cockpit Clean Up Kit:

This kit, featuring two 11-inch organizers and 2 small zip ties, effortlessly organizes brake lines and cables, enhancing your e-bike's look. It's compatible with various models including Surron, Super73, Rad, and more.

Experience a transformation from a cluttered to a streamlined cockpit, boosting your bike's sleek appeal. The kit not only improves tidiness but also offers a more aerodynamic ride.

Installation is quick and easy, instantly elevating your bike's appearance. It's an ideal upgrade for a neater, more refined look.

The organizers protect your bike’s brake lines, shielding them from dirt, moisture, and wear, thereby prolonging their life and maintaining braking system integrity.

A must-have for e-bike enthusiasts seeking to enhance both the look and functionality of their bikes

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