Surron/Talaria Chain by Warp 9

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  • Introducing the EK 420SH Chain, a non-O-ring/standard chain designed to minimize power loss and provide reliable performance for your bike. With its gold inner and outer plates and black carbon rollers, this chain not only offers a stylish appearance but also ensures durability and smooth operation. Here are the key features:

    - Chain Type: The EK 420SH Chain is a non-O-ring/standard chain, which means it does not have the additional sealing rings found in O-ring chains. This design reduces friction and power loss, maximizing power transfer.
    - Gold Inner and Outer Plates: The chain features gold-colored inner and outer plates, providing a visually appealing look and enhancing corrosion resistance.
    - Black Carbon Rollers: Equipped with black carbon rollers, the chain offers excellent durability and smooth rolling, ensuring optimal performance during your rides.
    - Length: The chain comes with a length of 120 links, providing sufficient coverage for various bike configurations and setups.
    - C Clip Master Link: The chain is equipped with a convenient C clip master link for easy installation and removal, allowing for hassle-free maintenance.

    Upgrade your bike's chain with the EK 420SH Chain, designed for reduced power loss and reliable performance. Enjoy the gold and black aesthetics while experiencing smooth operation on your rides.



  • Sprocket Size (Teeth) Chain Size
    42 Tooth 104   link
    48 Tooth (oem size) 106   link
    52 Tooth 108   link
    54 Tooth 110   link
    56 Tooth 112   link
    58 Tooth 112   link
    60 Tooth 114   link
    64 Tooth 116   link


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