Surron Tire Levers by Warp 9

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Introducing the Ultimate Surron Trail Multi Tool:

  • Crafted from durable anodized black forged aluminum, our multi tool is designed specifically for Surron enthusiasts.
  • Each kit includes two levers, providing optimal versatility and functionality.
  • The first lever serves as a tire spoon and features an OEM Swingarm 4-tooth nut, with a 13mm wrench on the backside for shock and linkage nuts.
  • The second lever functions as a tire spoon and incorporates a 17mm wrench for the Surron rear axle nut.
  • With these two levers and the addition of two Allen wrenches (not included), you have everything you need to handle various on-trail situations, such as changing the Surron drive belt, dealing with flat tires, or tightening a loose axle nut.

Experience the convenience and practicality of our Surron Trail Multi Tool, a must-have accessory for every Surron rider who values preparedness and functionality on the trail.

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