Surron Titanium jackshaft Bolt with Nut by Warp 9

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Introducing the Titanium Surron Swingarm Bolt:

- swingarm bolt is expertly crafted from high-quality titanium, offering exceptional strength and durability.
- It comes complete with a black titanium Fuji Lock nut, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.
- The nut size is 17mm, identical to the rear axle nut, providing convenience for installation and removal.
- The bolt features a dual head design, with a Torx T30 inner and a 10mm hex for versatile usage.
- Titanium is known for its resistance to rust and corrosion, making it a superior choice over mild steel.
- With its impressive weight-to-strength ratio, titanium is approximately 45% lighter than steel, contributing to overall weight reduction.
- Unlike the soft OEM steel bolt, our titanium swingarm bolt is highly resistant to bending, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your Surron swingarm with our Titanium Swingarm Bolt, offering enhanced strength, lightweight construction, and resistance to rust or bending for a reliable and durable solution.

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