Sur-ron, Talaria, and Eride Pro parts from Warp 9

Drivetrain & Brakes

GritShift Sur Ron To Talaria Billet Wheel Conversion Kit

One of the weakest components on a stock Talaria Sting is its wheelset. Those OEM wheels just aren't up to the task of heavy stunting or hard off-road riding. Even...
$89.89 $59.89

Frame & Swingarm

GritShift 2.5" Seat Riser for Sur Ron LBX, Segway X160 & X260

If there's one drawback about our e-bikes we can probably all agree on, it's that they're small. If you're coming from a full-size MX bike your Sur Ron or Segway...
$129.89 $64.89

WARP 9 Limited Edition Surron Orange Kit by Warp 9

Complete kit available in a vibrant Powder Coated Orange color, perfectly matching Fox Suspension components. Limited Edition production of only 100 kits, making them highly exclusive and once they're sold...
Warp 9 kickstandWarp 9 kickstand

Warp 9 kickstand

An Adjustable Kickstand for the surrons Spring Pin is shorter than oem kickstand to allow for wider tires and more clerance Mid Adjustment fits Surrons with 19” / 16” wheel...

Ultra Bee Sprocket by Warp 9

No Description

Titanium Sprocket Bolts by Warp 9

kit includes 5 titanium bolts designed for rear sprocket installation. The bolts feature a stylish burnt blue anodized color, adding a touch of visual appeal to your bike. To ensure...


Ultra Bee Chain by Warp 9

The Ultra Bee Chain is available in the popular 520 x 120 size, offering a perfect fit for your Surron Ultra Bee electric bike. This chain is equipped with a...

Ultra Bee axle blocks by Warp 9

Includes 2  M8 Burnt blue Titanium Adjuster bolts Aluminum axle block are keyed to keep the axle from rotating while loosening or tightening the axle nut Captive block design, the...

Titanium Fork Bolts - Warp 9

No Description
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Surron/Talaria Sprocket by Warp 9

Material is aluminum 7075-T6 Color Black Additional chain links not included but can be found HERE or HERE Refer to table below for chain length needed: Sprocket Size (Teeth) Chain Size...

Surron/Talaria Chain by Warp 9

Introducing the EK 420SH Chain, a non-O-ring/standard chain designed to minimize power loss and provide reliable performance for your bike. With its gold inner and outer plates and black carbon...
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Surron/Talaria 220mm Caliper Adapter Spacer Kit by Warp 9Surron/Talaria 220mm Caliper Adapter Spacer Kit by Warp 9

Surron/Talaria 220mm Caliper Adapter Spacer Kit by Warp 9

  Designed to adapt an OEM 203mm rotor to a 220mm rotor size. The package includes two spacers and two longer bolts to facilitate the conversion process seamlessly. It fits...

Surron/Talaria Front brake rotor 220mm by Warp 9

For the 220mm x 1.8mm Rotor: To accommodate the larger rotor size, a caliper adapter bracket is required to space the brake caliper out appropriately. The bracket specifically designed for...


Surron warp Drive Chain by Warp 9

Upgrade Your Surron Warp Drive Kit with a Replacement Chain:Our 420 x 42L O-ring Gold KMC Chain is the perfect replacement chain for your Surron Warp Drive Kit. This high-quality...
Surron Titanium jackshaft Bolt with Nut by Warp 9Surron Titanium jackshaft Bolt with Nut by Warp 9

Surron Titanium jackshaft Bolt with Nut by Warp 9

Introducing the Titanium Surron Swingarm Bolt:- swingarm bolt is expertly crafted from high-quality titanium, offering exceptional strength and durability.- It comes complete with a black titanium Fuji Lock nut, ensuring...
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Surron Warp Drive (Chain Drive) by Warp 9

Fed up with Surron Drive Belts constantly breaking? Discover Warp 9's innovative solution with their Light Bee Chain Drive Conversion Kit. This kit features motor and jackshaft sprockets, each integrated...
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